AEP TV Channels are a place to discover video content around a particular topic. It allows topic owners to highlight the newest content.

You can create an AEP TV channel, and develop it over time. If you want to create a channel, decide on a title, description, who will be the administrator, and what videos you want to highlight. When you are ready, send that information to

Channels work best when they highlight a small group of videos. If you list too many, it will be difficult for viewers to know what is currently important.

As always, we welcome your suggestions. Let us know how we can improve Channels to serve you better.

AEPTV Test Channel

This is a test channel

Because We Care

The Because We Care Safety & Health Channel features video that provide employees with opportunities to learn about AEP’s greatest safety challenges, and hear personal safety messages from employees. The videos will be posted on AEP-TV and shared through supervisors. Supporting materials, such as a discussion guide or a bulletin board poster, will accompany each video.


Enhance your leadership skills! This channel promotes video related to leadership at AEP. View the latest information from AEP's leadership summit, as well as leadership messages from around the company.

Safety & Health

Learn more about Safety & Health with these videos. The videos cover these categories: Safety-General, Safety Stories, Safety - Zero Harm and Safety Training.


Tune in to Security’s video channel to see the latest on how you can help keep AEP secure.

Transmission Operations Training and Development

An assortment of videos used for the training and development of AEP Transmission System Operators.


AEP Transmission is an industry leader in innovation and best practices. We are more than 3,000 energy professionals working together to safely manage, maintain and enhance the nation’s largest electricity transmission system for our customers.