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About AEP Now

AEP Now is the official corporate intranet (internal Web site) at AEP. It actually consists of a family of internal Web sites:

  • this site, which provides corporate information and applications; and
  • other Web sites developed, in whole or part, by business units and work teams across AEP, available as links from AEP Now.

Note: AEP Now has been named one of the world's ten best intranets by the Nielsen Norman Group and Dr. Jakob Nielsen, who is widely considered the preeminent authority on Web site usability. See the full report (PDF, 377 pages, 19MB) describing AEP Now's award.

AEP Now has also been featured in the Wall Street Journal (May 14, 2007) as a winning intranet.

The primary purpose of AEP Now is to enhance employee productivity, thereby enabling employees -- and the company -- to be more successful.

AEP Now enhances employee productivity by:

  • providing quick access to AEP news, information, and people (a comprehensive online encyclopedia);
  • integrating self-service forms and interactive applications to efficiently conduct business and transfer information online;
  • displaying real-time performance measures and scorecards to manage operations and quickly adapt to changing conditions;
  • reinforcing corporate messages to ensure that efforts are properly aligned with strategy, and promoting urgency around key initiatives;
  • establishing collaborative environments and opportunities for dialog, enabling the organization's knowledge and ideas to flow top-down, bottom-up, and side-to-side; and
  • instilling pride in working for AEP.

AEP Now is further characterized by its dedication to timeliness, speed, accuracy, relevance, candor, context, inclusiveness, design consistency, and ease of use.

AEP Now's tone is professional, yet fun. It seeks to support, enlighten, inspire, entertain, and establish a sense of unity -- but always with a business context and an emphasis on productivity.

Who runs AEP Now?

AEP Now is primarily maintained by AEP Corporate Communications. See the contact list for the names and numbers of those responsible.

AEP Now was also founded by Corporate Communications, in 1996, and is updated each work day. We enhance it, maintain it, make sure it's intuitive, professionally-designed, accurate, comprehensive, reliable, and state-of-the-art. We benchmark against other companies, monitor traffic, and respond to questions and comments from employees.

How sites are added to AEP Now

If your business unit or work team wishes to add a site to AEP Now, please contact us.

We will evaluate the site, making sure that it works properly and that it conforms to AEP's corporate identity standards, before adding it to the AEP Now Index and linking to it from other parts of AEP Now as necessary.