Guidelines for Proper Use

You are permitted to participate in discussions on AEP Now and many of its affiliated internal sites. We all benefit from sharing our experiences and insights.

It is expected that you will behave professionally and responsibly, providing comments that are relevant and business appropriate.

The following guidelines set the expectations for proper use of the comment feature:

  1. This is an AEP business platform. You are expected to conduct yourself as you would with other business communication such as e-mail or in a meeting.
  2. Comments are subject to all company policies and rules of conduct, including those relating to confidentiality, privacy and harassment.
  3. Please respect the views of others. It's okay to disagree or debate, but please do so in a respectful, courteous manner. We're all on the same team. Exercise good judgment and refrain from using inappropriate language, making offensive comments or engaging in personal attacks.
  4. To the extent you are sharing your views or opinions, do so in a manner that neither explicitly nor implicitly indicates that yours are the only acceptable and intelligent views.
  5. The information you share can be seen by anyone with access to AEP Now. Do not share anything that is deeply personal, private or confidential. We recommend that you not post photographs of children.
  6. As mentioned, this is a business platform. This is not a forum to share your religious views.
  7. Please remain on topic. Before posting, consider what your comments add to the conversation.
  8. We must be mindful of copyright law. Generally, photographs, charts, graphs and other content downloaded from the Internet or other sources are not permitted on AEP Now unless you have explicit permission to use them.
  9. There are some things we probably all agree are inappropriate. Other times, appropriateness is not clear. Appropriateness may be determined by the way your comment is received, not necessarily by the way you intended it. It is important to weigh your comment not by your standards, but by the potential standards of others.
  10. Don't forget your day job. You should make sure that your commenting activities do not interfere with your job responsibilities and commitments.
  11. Comments posted to AEP Now and other internal sites are those of individuals and do not necessarily represent the corporate viewpoint.

Comments that do not comply with these guidelines will be removed and the employee who posted them will be contacted with an explanation. Upon a second occurrence, the employee’s supervisor will be notified and the employee will be warned of a potential loss of commenting privileges. If an employee is involved in a third incident of having comments removed, privileges will be suspended indefinitely and the manager will be notified.

In addition, individuals making comments that violate company policies or rules of conduct will be subject to disciplinary action varying from written warning to discharge, depending upon management’s judgment as to the seriousness of the offense.

If the conversation is deemed offensive to employees by the team of reviewers from Corporate Communications, Ethics & Compliance and Human Resources, the commenting feature may be disabled and the posted comments deleted. An explanation for the removal of privileges will be posted at the end of the article being addressed.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Last updated: Jan 13, 2014.